Does Final Cut Express recognise MTS/M2TS files that aren’t from camera

Have you got some MTS/M2TS videos? Have you moved them to a drive from camera’ card? Do you want to take the raw fiile to Final Cut Express for further editing? If so, you must want to know does FCE support MTS/M2TS files that aren’t from camera.

I’m sorry to tell you that FCE can’t accept the MTS files that aren’t from camera or camcorder. As we all know FCE is an old Video Editing Software from Apple company. The upgrade has been discontinued for two years to support Final Cut Pro X software. The latest version, FCE 4, still can’t support the raw MTS if the video is not directly from camera.

How to make the MTS/M2TS files compatible for FCE?

I’m very gald to tell you there are two ways to help you to bring the files to FCE for further editing. You can insatll a Mac MTS/M2TS Converter to change your M2TS format to FCE’s best suitable format before importing. The best comfortable format is AIC .mov as well as iMovie.

How to reformat MTS/M2TS to AIC on Mac

Step 1: Run your best MTS Converter on Mac and load .mts or .m2ts files to the software.

Tip: The tool also can help you batch transcode AVCHD videos to a Mac video format.

Step 2: Click “format” bar and choose “Apple InterMediate Codec(AIC)(*.mov)” as the best format from “iMovie and Final Cut Express” menu.

Tip: You can tap the “Browse” button on the main interface to choose the place where you want to save your converted file on your mac.

Step 3: You can click “settings” to customize the output parameters, adjust the resolution, bitrate as you want.

Best settings for you:

Video size- 1920*1080,

Video frame rate- 25fps.

Step 4: Click Conversion Arrow button on the main interface to start changing 1080p AVCHD to FCE video format on Mac OS X.

As soon as the fast conversion is over, please click “open” and you’ll find the converted movie. Then you can directly transfer the file to FCE 4 for further editing without problems.

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